Ledbury Breakfast

31st of January - 2nd of February, 2020

Starts at 09:00 ends at 12:30

the nest ledbury, and loads of other participating business!

The annual THREE DAY celebration of BREAKFAST organised by the Ledbury Food Group, where dozens of Ledbury venues embrace the importance of this meal and champion new recipes for the occasion...

Served up 'till 12.30 each day our special Ledbury Celebration Breakfast will include:

Kedgeree    Made with a selection of rich buttery MacNeil's smoked fish, soft boiled free-range eggs, home grown parsley and capers (GF)

Smashed Avocado on thick slices of Peter Cooks Sourdough topped with poached eggs and grilled prosciutto... both GF and Vegetarian versions available

Black Pudding Crumpets (2)... crumbled black pudding with caramelised apple slices and a drizzle of maple syrup

Vegan Crumpets  sweet... fresh blueberries & maple syrup - or - savoury... homemade baked beans & fried mushrooms

The Works……. Grilled Bacon, homemade baked beans, butter mushrooms, grilled HMSE Black Watch Scotty and a Pork and Two Veg sausage with a choice of either a poached or fried egg served on or with a slice of Bakers Dozen Farmhouse Granary/White toast

Jen’s homemade; warm  Cinnamon Buns

the Ledbury Sausage Sandwich ……. Two pork and two veg sausages, thick slices of Swifts Artisan white bloomer Netherend Butter a drizzled with Cam’s original homemade tomato sauce (Heinz Tomato Ketchup/ HP Sauce available of course..)

Granola (V) fresh fruit and yogurt (V) (Veg) (Gluten Free)


NB  Any egg on Farmhouse Toast can be ordered

Prices vary per dish, BOOKING Advisable